Children from the West Bank city of Hebron protest Israel’s detention of minors. (Photo: Mashhour Wihwah, via Mondoweiss)

A 3-year-old Palestinian boy was detained and terrorized by the Israeli soldiers in the occupied Palestinian city of Hebron (Al-Khalil), for allegedly trying to stab Israeli soldiers with a kitchen tool.

As the video above show, the boy was later freed by his family.

Meanwhile, an Israeli court decided to keep in detention a wounded child, who is currently at an Israeli hospital receiving treatment for severe burns.

The child, Asad Al-Din Ibrahim Abulhawa, 14, from at-Tour neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem, was  injured by the Israeli army during an Israeli military raid into his area. He suffered severe burns in his back and arm.

Later, he was detained by Israeli soldiers from the hospital.

Following an appeal filed by Khaldoun Najm, the lawyer representing the child, an Israeli court allowed his parents to visit with him at the hospital, and to stay in his room.

(IMEMC, PC, Social Media)

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