Gaza: Israeli Airstrike Caused Damage to the Agricultural Land #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Israeli airstrikes targeted Gaza over night. (Photo via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Warplanes belonging to the Israeli Army carried out some airstrikes on agricultural land in Al-Zaytun neighborhood in Gaza City, generating a bomb crater.

The Gaza border is clearly heating up. According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles on agricultural land, inflicting damage to property, but without causing any injuries.

The Israeli Army spokesperson said that the air force planes targeted positions for Hamas in central Gaza in response to bombs detonated on the northern border of the Strip and that they “will continue to act with all means at its disposal in order to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel.”

The airstrikes were carried out while the White House is hosting a meeting without the Palestinian present in order to address the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

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