Iran mediation to release Hamas-linked scholar in Iraq failed – PNN #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Iranian mediation with Iraqi authorities to release Iraqi scholar Taha Al-Jubouri, who is claimed to have links with Hamas, failed, Quds Press reported yesterday.

Reporting sources close to Hamas, Quds Press said that Al-Jubouri is currently detained by the general Iraqi intelligence agency which is delaying his release.

Through Hezbollah, Hamas officially asked Iran to mediate for rocket fuel specialist Al-Jubouri’s release.

According to the sources, Al-Jubouri, who was arrested upon his arrival to Baghdad International Airport two weeks ago, is currently under investigation by Iraqi investigators.

He is being questioned about his relationship with Hamas and the nature of the chemical consultations offered to the Palestinian movement.

The sources did not rule out that CIA investigators might be taking part in the investigations.

Al-Jabouri was deported from the Philippines in January for allegedly remaining in the country after his visa had expired.

However, reports said that he was initially abducted by the Israeli Mossad and handed over to police and after investigations he was deported to Istanbul, Turkey, then to Iraq.

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